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9ja 'Nigerian inspired fashion' is an Atlanta based designer brand that combines Nigerian fabric and style to America's culture and swag. The 9ja fashion line is made from the authentic Ankara material tailors use to make clothes in Nigeria. Our pieces are design and sewed in Nigeria and shipped to the states ready  for retail. The founder picks the material and designs the pieces himself.​

The vision of 9ja is to merge the Nigerian culture and America culture indefinitely. 9ja will be a house hold name and the Nigerian culture will greatly influence American Fashion. 9ja is intended to give our customers a great sense of identity and individuality. Our unique patterns and designs shy away from the 'tradition' African patterns or dashikis. Every piece is unique and exclusive. Once there is a particular pattern for sale, chances are that pattern will not be found again (unless it came with a sister piece). We tell our customers that our clothes will give you a feeling that you have never experience before.  9ja's fabric, patterns, and design is like no other fashion brand you have worn - only exclusive to western Africans, until now. This is the Designer Brand from the motherland - 9ja.

Who We Are


'NWED IKWO' Means "Book of hymns". This T-shirt is inspired by the Nigerian Hymnal book that multiple tribes in Nigeria use to worship. On the front of the shirt is the traditional text title on the book. On the back, you have one of the pages from the hymn book in the traditional manuscript.

So when they ask you what your shirt means, tell them you just praising God in your native tongue.

This is the Designer Brand from the Motherland. Nothing gets deeper than this. #9ja

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